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Marin Headlands, a picture-postcard trail that shows the GG Bridge, the Bay, the SF skyline, the ocean plus lovely hillsides -- provided it's not fogged in.
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    After the born of Hermes Birkin, people are immersed in the beautiful and luxury of Sac Hermes. So carry the Hermes Birkin bag outside has become the fashion standard of Hollywood super stars. However there is still one style bag worth our eyes, that is Hermes Kelly Bag. The same as the Birkin bag, Kelly bag also the most adorable bags in Hermes Handbags family. You may be shocked that Hermes Kelly bag can be scanning out by the radar beyond one kilometre. Thanks to the magazine Life, Kelly Bag become famous in 1956. At that time Life had published a picture in which is the priciness of Morocco Grace Kelly, she was pregnant and carried the Hermes Kelly. The original name of Kelly bag is Hight Bag, but thanks to this picture, the name had been changed to Kelly. From then on, Kelly bag stirred up a Kelly tide. Kelly Bag was born in 1892 and in 1930 it was modified the sizes in order to match up with ladies. At that time Kelly has become the limited edition products. But after 1970, Hermes Kelly has a unique mark on the back of the bag.When talk about Sac Louis Vuitton Homme, the first impression in your mind must the Louis Vuitton Handbags, actually Louis Vuitton is far more than handbags. Louis Vuitton started his career from manufactured leather and the foundation of the brand is useful, elegant and comfortable. Now LV Group has possessed over fifty brands, mainly belongs to fashion wear and leather products, wines and spirits, perfume and cosmetics, watches and jewelry etc. French fashion wear brand Givenchy, Italian Fendi, Swiss high-grade watch brand TAGHeuer, cosmetics retailing store Sephora and other luxury brands have been absorbed by Sac Louis Vuitton in succession. Now let’s have a detailed learning of LV products. The first one is Louis Vuitton fashion wears and leather products. I am sure you must know it. LV clothes and Louis Vuitton Bags are familiar to all. I think is no need of us to talk about these two things here. Wines and Spirits. Champagne Mo?t & Chandon has been the sponsor of F1 before, the company was set up in 1743, located in Epernay France. Dom Pérignon is high-grade champagne which was born in convent. Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin was made by female.This series was designed by Takashi Murakami and still adopted classic Monogram pattern and materials, the different is has attached more rich colors to let the bag looks more youth and vigor like Sac Longchamp. For the maintaining method, Monogram Multicolore is the same as the Monogram old pattern, try not to long exposure to the sun, if your bag is white, remember don’t put it next to other non-ferrous items or faded items in case dyed. Besides don’t approach to the oily substances and cosmetics thanks to they are easy to penetrate into the cloth. Monogram Denim. This series have gong through bleach and washing, processes the old feeling. Unlike other series, this one is the older the better. To this series you should pay much attention on the moistureproof. When you don’t need it you should use a dustproof packet package it well, don’t exposure to the sun and contact with high temperature, because the exposure and high temperature can make the bag faded. Next time we will talk about the materials of Louis Vuitton Bag Collection.

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